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Principles of Financial Planning is a proud supporter of the Sentinel Foundation.

Sentinel Foundation was founded with one goal in mind – to end underage children being exploited around the world. While this cause isn’t new, our method to achieve it is. We have the personnel, technology, the law enforcement support, and more importantly the perseverance to see it through. The Sentinel Foundation Operations team focuses on targeting elusive child traffickers that use highly skilled methods to find and exploit their victims. Children in underdeveloped and under resourced countries have virtually no defense against these networks.

Client Centered

"Sentinel Foundation provides Special Operation methodology to solve complex problems worldwide that affect human life and specifically, children.

Sentinel Foundation focuses on counterchild sex trafficking and crisis response to preserve human life during emergency situations.

Sentinel Foundation is a surgical solution that operates in the most dangerous areas and against highly elusive trafficking networks worldwide."

Why We Care

Everything we do at Principles of Financial Planning begins with the perspective that life is a precious opportunity to be cherished and lived as completely as possible. We fully recognize that not everyone gets the same shot at life, though. Some are forced to compromise on quality, while others are forced to compromise on the amount of time they get to spend with the rest of us. Fortunately, once opportunity has been imperiled, it is not always permanent, and it can sometimes be restored or improved.

Client Centered

We certainly believe this to be true in the financial realm, and if given the chance, our ultimate objective in working with our clients would be to do everything that we can to maximize their opportunity at life. We also recognize that there is plenty of work to be done elsewhere, though, and to the extent that we can, we want to help those who have other needs. To make the most of life, though, you obviously must be free to live it, and the crushing reality is that not everyone is.

In 2017, the International Labour Organization (ILO) estimated that there were 24.9 million victims of human trafficking globally. Included in that figure is an estimate of 4.8 million being victims of sex trafficking, with 99% being female and 1 million being children. This is why we are partnering with the Sentinel Foundation to ensure that the most innocent are not robbed of their chance to make the most of their life and that justice is served upon those who would inflict such an unconscionable fate.

The Sentinel Foundation is an organization founded and run by former special forces operators "to end underage children being exploited around the world" by "targeting elusive child traffickers that use highly skilled methods to find and exploit their victims." In short, they are a hands-on, Tier 1 solution to child crimes and human trafficking. In fulfilling their mission, their operations span the globe and involve supporting law enforcement and governments on all levels, via surveillance, communications, cyber operations, intelligence, and more.

Our Promise

We have pledged a percentage of our revenue to the Sentinel Foundation and would certainly encourage anyone who is so inclined to visit their website, learn more about them, and support their cause. As opportunities present themselves, we will certainly include the Sentinel Foundation in our events and give our clients the opportunity to engage with them and speak directly to the heroes who perform this selfless work.


This is being provided for informational purposes only and is not an endorsement by Lincoln Financial Securities Corp. Sentinel Foundation is not an affiliate of Lincoln Financial Securities Corp. Lincoln Financial Securities Corp is not responsible for and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information or the services provided by Sentinel Foundation.